Product Development, USA

20 Jun 2016

The client is a development company with a number of product development projects.  As a start up, the company has outsourced most of its development work to contract development companies.  However as the company has grown, and the number of projects increase, this approach has become less satisfactory.   The process is slowed by the need to define and agree scopes of work and contracts and also by the delay when some portion of the development has to be reworked.

The business case for in-sourcing work was examined even though that required capital investment.  STC worked with the client to create the business case and demonstrate the short payback of the project.

In parallel re-purposing unused buildings on the site was considered.  This offered a short cut to realising the project as well as a potential cost saving.  Concept designs and budgets were prepared to be included in the cost plan.

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