05 Feb 2018

It is proposed to use an existing warehouse building located in Jebel Ali to create a manufacturing plant, initially, for oral dose pharmaceuticals.

The existing building consists of a warehouse, a tow floor office building and an open loading bay.

The warehouse is divided into three bays by two lines of braced columns.  One of the bays is narrower and longer than the others.

The product list is not finalised but it is assumed that the facility will manufacture oral solids and oral liquids.

The oral solids will be mostly in the form of tablets with a limited number of  capsules.  The granulation will be mostly wet granulation with aqueous solvents and aqueous coating.

The oral liquids are paediatric syrups.

It is proposed to use the centre bay of the warehouse building as a warehouse, and to use the longer and thinner bay as a manufacturing area for oral products. (both liquids and tablets/ capsules)

The remaining bay, except for a small portion used for a quality control laboratory, will remain unused for present.  It will be developed in the future for additional finished forms such as sterile products.

The offices will be used for office functions.  The staff numbers suggest that this will have only a limited amount of spare space on the first floor.

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