World Cup Quiz

25 Jun 2018

1)How many teams where in the first world cup? and how many now?- Answer, 1930 was the year the first world cup was held, it was invitational and 13 teams where chosen and Uruguay beat Argentina 4-2 to win 

2)How many ways are there to qualify and what are they? Answer- 211 teams where reduced to 32, fifa allocates spaces for each continent to have teams to qualify, the hosts of the tournamentqualification

3) Who was the first player to score for England in the world cup? Answer- Stan mortensen 

4) how many times have Tunisia qualified for the world cup? Answer- 5 times including Russia

5) which player has played in the most world cups? Answer- 3 players have played in 5 world cups, Gigi Buffon of Italy, Lothar Matthaeus of Germany and Antonia Carbjal of mexico.

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