A quick and cost effective project


Quick and effectively priced

Does it have to take a long time and huge investment to get into pharmaceuticals ?
Face it projects die or can take a very long time.  The effort to design the perfect solution, the fights over budgets and then wump, its dead, cancelled, shelved……..but one way and another its never going to see the light of day or at least not in your lifetime.

So here is one, in Saudi Arabia, where the project survived into construction and is now almost complete.  As you can see it went from the from the sketch below  to (almost) complete in under six months.
We are currently sourcing the raw materials and providing technical help.  

Interior 300PX wide
Recent site photograph

Interior Design 1 300PX wide
Original sketch:  The layout was reversed, the stair moved………….but at least it’s built.

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